Mooooove over darling: The story of our beef

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Lake District Farmers burger on the menu at Alvar Bar

We’ve found a great supplier for our beef: Lake District Farmers which was born from a brilliant idea and has, we think, a great ethic.

Lake District Farmers represents a co-operating group of farmers from the Lake District whose aim is to showcase the best quality prime  Native Breed Cumbrian Cattle. This great business specialises in the supply of traditional, high quality, breed specific meat sourced locally throughout the Lake District, with meat supplied directly from its farming co-operative.

lake district

Daniel Austin and Russell Dodd of Lake District Farmers

Head Chef Dan Pearce is proud to join a fine pedigree of restaurants which use this great meat, including Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley, Brett Graham at the Ledbury, Gordon Ramsay at the Savoy Grill, Angela Hartnett at Murano, Andre Garrett at Galvin, Michel Roux at Le Gavroche and Alain Roux at The Waterside.

But what makes the beef so good? Dan explains: “There is full traceability so we know everything there is to know about this meat, the animals it comes from and the people who have farmed it. It is hung and matured which means the beef, beautifully marbled with fat which caramelises during cooking, is wonderfully tender and tasty.”

Russell Dodd explained the philosophy of Lake District Farmers: “We are honoured to be supplying many of the UK’s leading restaurants through our farming co-operative. The major credit for our product must go to the farmers as this group of people take great pride in their animals.  We believe that it would be nothing other than disrespectful to send it into customers until it is at its optimum standard. That is why we hang and mature our product in a time honoured fashion, resulting in our customers receiving their orders to the highest possible standard, a value we never sacrifice.  Only when a product is respected in this way can it give a fair reflection of the pride, work, time and dedication submitted by the farming co-operative in producing these truly magnificient animals.”

Find out more about life on the farm:


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