Here piggy piggy…the story of our sausages

What’s cooking? Some beautiful pork from Paddock Farm. Farming brothers Nick and Jon Francis, both keen cooks, are making quite a name for themselves. Their mission at the farm in Stratford Upon Avon is to raise the finest rare breed pigs outdoors in the most natural environment possible.

And we think their passion for their animals shows in the great tasting meat. Aalto Head Chef Dan Pearce is currently using the chaps’ farmhouse sausages. “They are farm produced, all the meat comes from Tamworths and you know the animals are extremely well looked after. The result is a great tasting, really meaty, sausage,” said Dan.

Tamworths are the truest indigenous breed in Britain and the animals at Paddock Farm live wholesome, stress-free lives in fields and pastures. As the farming brothers say: “We genuinely care about their wellbeing, and  we’re involved at each stage of their lives to make sure everything is done  right, from birth through to butchery. Our aim is simple: to produce the ultimate  pork.”


Having invested such care and attention in the raising of the porkers, the meat is paid the utmost respect in the butchery where every piece is cut to exact specifiations to allow each chef/customer to get the best from it.

Nick and Jon started Paddock Farm during the summer of 2007 when they bought two pigs from a local breeder to raise for their table. They completed a pork cutting, curing and smoking course and butchered the pigs on the kitchen table, turning them into a host of porcine delights including dry-cured bacon, sausage, salami and hams.

Delighted with the quality of the meat, the brothers then bought two breeding sows and welcomed 17 piglets the following spring. These were later sold to local butchers, restaurants and friends – feedback was overwhelming and Paddock Farm was born.

It’s now home to the largest herd of Tamworth pigs in the country, supplying many top restaurants and great chefs including Raymond Blanc – so Aalto is in good company!

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