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Three tips to mouth-watering food

photography…using your Smartphone

Coming along to #FutureFoodies at Hotel La Tour Birmingham?

Make sure your photos are delicious with these pass notes from photographer Spence Cater:

Most of us now are carrying around a perfectly good digital camera in the shape of a Smartphone, making it much easier to capture our favourite dishes as we’re about to tuck in. So, whether you’re at home or dining out, here are a few simple tips on how to make your food photographs look even more delicious.

1.    Use natural light where possible

The first step to creating good looking, appetising shots of your food is the quality of light that falls upon it. For the best quality daylight, it works better if you’re near a large north facing window. The aim is to soften the shadows and create natural, even contrast to reveal the delicate detail in the texture, this can be further enhanced by using diffusers or a reflector.

Tempting, very tempting...

Tempting, very tempting…

 2.    Search for the Hero

What I mean is focus on the most appetising looking part of the dish, like the perfectly formed strawberry in a fruit salad, the melting drip of ice cream on an apple pie or the perfectly sliced tomato in a salad, then allow the viewers eye to be guided from there.


Souffle hero

 3.    Get a bird’s eye view

 Shooting photographs from directly above offers a more unusual angle and can really add some style to your pictures. This works particularly well for flat foods like pizzas, sandwiches, soups, salads and so on. This also gives you the chance to style your shots by adding in cutlery, garnish or other props.

Bird's eye view

Bird’s eye view

For more information and tips and coaching go to www.spencecaterphotography.com

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For more information and tips and coaching go to www.spencecaterphotography.com


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