Enjoy a Cocktail… It’s Daiquiri Day!

Are you looking for a way to cool down in this glorious summer heat?  If so, why not try a Daiquiri?  This refreshing drink has been a popular choice for over a century and it is also rumoured to be the favourite tipple of author Ernest Hemingway.

Invented in the 1900’s, the Daiquiri was created by an engineer named Jennings Stockton Cox in the mining town named Daiquiri near Santiago in Cuba.  The original drink was simply a blend of local Bacardi rum, lime juice and sugar cracked over ice.  Legend has it that he wanted to use gin but had run out so had to settle for rum instead.  He concocted this mixture in an attempt to boost the morale of miners during hot summer months when the excruciating heat made physical labour extremely difficult.  His efforts well and truly paid off – not only did his drink lift the spirits of local workers, he also received a substantial sum from his employer as well as a monthly gallon of Bacardi.

What’s your favourite Daiquiri?

Since its original creation, the Daiquiri has morphed into a widely consumed cocktail that is hugely popular all over the world.  Over time, a wide range of Daiquiri flavours have been developed and these include strawberry, mango, banana, watermelon, coconut, passionfruit and many more.  In fact, the flavour combinations are limited only by the imagination of today’s cocktail makers.

The Daiquiri also comes in a frozen variety which is rumoured to have been inspired by Ernest Hemmingway, at El Floridita in Havana in the 1940s.  The bartender who created this version is Constantino Ribalaigua.

The Daiquiri can come in a non-alcoholic mocktail as well, so that people of all ages and preferences can enjoy the refreshing drink.

Daiquiri Day: July 19th

If the summer isn’t enough of a reason to tempt you into a drink or two, then perhaps the celebration of Daiquiri Day on 19th July will change your mind.

Of course, the Daiquiri is on the cocktail menu at the Alvar Bar made up of Brugal Blanco, fresh lime and sugar in various flavours, why not celebrate with us this weekend?

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