Elegance and escapism: High Tea at La Tour

If you asked me what I wanted to do for a special day out it would probably be afternoon tea with a glass of champagne followed by a trip to the theatre.  So often when I have done this though I have been disappointed with what’s on offer.  Yes, there have been some great experiences like the Savoy, Claridges or a firm favourite, the Lanesborough, but you get it…the common theme here is that outside London I have been quite disappointed with what English hotels serve up for this traditional English experience!  Breakfast muffins sliced in half, huge, thick sandwiches and chewy scones just don’t do it for me.

This is why our Chef and his team were tasked with the job of providing something gorgeous and frivolous for our afternoon tea and I for one can’t wait (I have to admit to yet again being on the tasting panel for some of the treats, tough job but someone had to do it!)

There is a certain elegance and escapism that comes with sitting down for  “High Tea” and it takes me back to Sunday tea time at my grandparents’ house when it would always be sandwiches and homemade cake.  Can’t say we ever got offered a glass of champagne which I like to enjoy with mine now but it was all so friendly and comfortable, just like afternoon tea at Hotel La Tour.

It was a very exciting day when Penelope arrived at the hotel. Penelope is
our gorgeous black glossy grand piano so not only can you enjoy the gorgeous
food Alex is preparing but you can also enjoy this to the sound of the piano….
Be warned if you come to see me at the hotel in the afternoons from now on, we may just have to indulge in high tea.. any excuse!

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