Cupcake fun at Café Ezra

A cupcake workshop at Café Ezra proved the perfect way to channel the inner domestic goddess while not making a mess in your own kitchen!

The event, run by Kiss Me Cupcakes, proved a great pre-wedding celebration for a bride-to-be, her family and friends.

Recently listed as one of the UK’s best cupcake producers, Kiss Me Cupcakes is based around Northfield, and endeavours to use locally and ethically-sourced ingredients. Needless to say, it’s just one of a number of local businesses currently enjoying the British public’s fondness for all things baking. Last year saw a 50% increase in home baking shops and a 17% increase in bakeries and an estimated 44 million – yes, that is a lot! – cupcakes were bought last year. Any guesses at how many were home baked?

Judging from these artistic efforts from Kiss Me Cupcakes, the real beauty is in the styling: cupcakes have finally thrown off their image of all frothy, sweet icing and no substance.

Just look at these beauties.

To book Café Ezra just give us a call: 0121 718 8000. (It’s free for community groups and charities)

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