Not just for dowager duchesses and ladies in waiting …. there’s always time for tea

Did you know that the delightful tradition of afternoon tea is thought to have originated in the mid-1840s? The 7th Duchess of Bedford (a Lady in Waiting to Queen Victoria) felt the need for a little something to pep her up during the long wait for dinner which was not usually served before 8 or 9pm.

Disturbed by a “sinking feeling” she often experienced in the late afternoon, she encouraged her servants at Belvoir Castle to pop upstairs with pots of tea and pieces of bread. Realising she had hit upon something good, the idea then evolved to include a small feast of cakes and scones and soon her friends were in on the act and the occasion was picked up by other hostesses.

Thankfully these days you don’t need to be a Dowager Duchess or a Lady in Waiting to royalty to enjoy this most wonderful of British traditions. A dainty, delicious and elegant afternoon tea is served every day at Hotel La Tour Birmingham where our pastry chef Rachel Dorrell presents an evolving choice of savouries, scones and sweet treats. Don’t wait for that sinking feeling, get yourself booked in before it strikes!



Afternoon Tea



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